LISTEN: Viktoria’s ‘The Only One’

source: Viktoria

If Viktoria isn’t performing with her electric guitar on the Merdekarya stage, she’s making music in her bedroom. So far, she’s made three tracks and the third — the subject of this post — being ‘The Only One’. The track itself is simple with just a percussive beat on loop and a serene instrumentation that provides body to the sparse arrangement. Viktoria’s voice also goes through a process where it’s pitched low, it’s almost sonorous, feeding into the lulling effect of the track. Though she sings about her “only one,” and in spite of the affection that her lover is giving, Viktoria battles with bouts of insecurity as the refrain suggests, “How could you love someone like me?” It’s all very Spooky Black-esque, had he been a girl in Malaysia.

Take a listen below:

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