LISTEN: VIKTORIA’s Good Girl Bad Habits EP

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source: Viktoria

After the release of lead single ‘Nothing More’ in the form of a music video about a month ago, HOAX’s own #SADGIRL VIKTORIA has finally released a complete body of work to go along with her torpidly affectionate singles on SoundCloud. Aptly titled Good Girl Bad Habits, the six-track EP is a look into what this good girl with bad habits gets herself into; the nocturnal affairs of excess, hedonism, and finding (and keeping) that person who you’ve fortunately formed a connection with in the daze of indulgence.

In ‘Nothing More’ and ‘Haywire’, her vocals are obscured, but it sets the tone of the EP – moody and hazy – whereas on ‘Hooked on You’, she does away with the vocal augmentation as she expresses her empathy for that special someone, “Part of me was like you/ Was high, protecting what’s inside,” over tender strings and twinkling keys. Then, her empathy becomes an unruly plea and want with ‘Dark City’. On ‘I’m No Good To You’, she seems to have abandoned any prior semblance of neediness as she becomes emboldened and makes her intentions clear. And finally, ‘Up All Night’ is the appropriately dance-y closure to a night of finding love, or simply companionship, in a hopeless place.

Stream the EP via Spotify below:

VIKTORIA will host an EP launch party at Raksasa Print Studio tonight with Sunita Soh as support. More details on the event here

Good Girl Bad Habits EP is available at most digital streaming services, or purchase it digitally via iTunes.

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