LISTEN: Tyler Carter’s ‘Tears On The Runway Pt. 1 (feat. Nylo)’

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Source: Tyler Carter

Tyler Carter has got a pretty damn dope r’n’b voice for someone who’s day job is singing in a metalcore band, and he only seems to be getting better and better. We’ve seen what he’s done before on covers of ‘Fine China‘ and ‘Mirrors and much to our delight, he’s coming up with a debut solo album entitled Leave Your Love that will tentatively be released early next year. Now, the really cool part about this tune (besides Nylo’s voice), is that about a year ago, Issues released a tune entitled ‘Tears On The Runway Pt.2’ off their eponymous record which left everybody wondering where the first part was, and a different, more mellow version from their Diamond Dreams EP last month that we kinda prefer.

Here’s part one.

And here’s our preferred part two.

And here’s the older one.

More Tyler Carter is up here.

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