LISTEN: tofubeats’ STAKEHOLDER Full EP Stream

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source: tofubeats

Tokyo being a sprawling metropolis, the music born from the city is naturally a reflection of urban living — e.g. the genres below the broader J-pop taxonomical rank; city pop and later on, Shibuya-kei. The latter of which might seem to have waned in prominence since the disbandment of Pizzicato Five, but its spiritual successor might just be in Kobe-native bedroom producer tofubeats. Incorporating funk-indebted synths and talk box-influenced autotune, the jokingly named previous release First Album (first album on a major label, that is) went from M-Flo-style rap numbers to proper Parisian dance tunes. New EP STAKEHOLDER is much more dance-oriented, with ADHD-high beats per minute and syncopated funk pattering à la James Brown. It’s all very impressive, no wonder Time Lord Pradana is a big fan — enough to turn VMPRMYTH’s ‘Sleazus’ into bedroom city pop.

Listen to the EP in its entirety below:

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