Listen to This: Yolanda Be Cool’s ‘Before Midnight’

It was the summer of 2010 when a single that turned speakers and dancefloors worldwide inside out. ‘We Speak No Americano’ started spreading infectiously like a bad metaphor and for a while the ones responsible for them, Yolanda Be Cool were high on the coattails of their hit. But soon enough the track became something of a burden for them, its unusually long social buzz shelf life could only mean one thing — Yolanda Be Cool could become a one-hit wonder. Unsurprisingly, the duo comically disowned the track on a YouTube announcement video, signalling that something new was in the offing.

And that naturally brought us to their new original mix, ‘Before Midnight’. Having been released for a few days now, we got our popcorn ready and tuning in to see how big this one will get.

Yolanda Be Cool needed a strong vocal base to suit their next project, hence the feature of Arama Mara’s attractive vocals throughout this track. Like many of the club anthems these days, it contains a build up, that starts off with a soothing yet powerful few words acting as the base of the vocals. It is a simple tune that’s made up of a soft repetitive drum that beats to the voice of Arama Mara; the drum beats somehow become a signature sound in the track itself. It is not too overwhelming, but still has the many different components that make up an up to par tune. Its got the catchy beat, the drumming bits that mesh well with the strong vocals, and each component doesn’t seem to drown out one another.

Proud and strutting their way up the charts, Yolanda Be Cool’s latest track has already got some of the biggest names in the deck-ing industry remixing ‘Before Midnight’. The first remix package so far consists of names like Laidback Luke, Angger Dimas and Sharam Jey.

For a quick listen on the tune and remixes, click here. For more updates on Yolanda Be Cool, check out their Facebook page.