Listen to This: SUUNS’ ‘Edie’s Dream’

Montreal’s very own SUUNS have released their first single this week. ‘Edie’s Dream’ puts you in one blissful trip — bringing you to a state that is easy to submerge yourself into. And as the song progresses, you begin to feel a free-fall effect in your mind, then eventually finding yourself getting lost in between the layers of sound and soothing vocals. Seeing as ‘Edie’s Dream’ starts off with a repetitive combination of the words “vision” and “dream”, it shows that SUUNS’ intentions were to plug you in that state, straight from the start of the song til the end.

The experimental pop band that they are, of course added a gentle psychedelic background that meshed in well with the different guitar structures and the calming variations of the vocals. SUUNS managed to compose the whole song without producing a cluttered sound as they allowed each instrument to have its own space, preventing their track from sounding overdone and chaotic. Despite the layering after layering of the track, it seems to not be too overpowering to the vocals and does not drown out singer Ben Shemie.

The Canadian band made their strong debut not too long ago, and is currently prepping for their next album Images Du Future. There is no doubt that they will still contain the combination of a guitar-driven sound and the dreamy songwriting. ‘Edie’s Dream’ is an example of an extension of their previous work and peek at what their future sounds will be like.

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