Listen to this: NAO’s Darkside of The Noon

A head full of dreadlocks, another full of big curly hair, and the last with hair that curls up at the shoulders. (If you say One Direction or anything of that sort, we’ll slaughter you.) These are the guys behind NAO, local Malaysian rock band who just played at Bands Have More Fun with JUICE at Grafa.

Having developed their sense of music based on design theories and math-like equation rhythms, the trio’s music is frequently a cauldron of joyous melodies and trippy notes that would get your mind bouncing to the beat. Drawing their inspiration from Japan’s rich pot of musical expression, their music boils down to a diverse mix of sounds and beats. With a decade of music history under their belt, NAO is one of the few Malaysian bands that has managed to travel across a multitude of music scenes. NAO has done a number of performances locally as well as overseas, such as China, Singapore, and most recently Taiwan.

Evolving from their raged filled music to their latest joyous trippy tracks, NAO is definitely a band to watch out for.

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