Listen to theKube

Does size matter? It’s really up to you to decide. When the world debuts the smallest MP3 player, you either celebrate or just wonder how the hell are you gonna find it if you left it in a big bag compartment? Singapore-based Bluetree Electronics now ships the world’s smallest MP3 player theKube into our country.

This tiny device, which comes in 5 colours of pink, blue, white, black and yellow are being sold at Giant Malaysia now. At only RM99.99, theKube is sized at 23 x 23 x 23mm and weighing at 18 grams. Yikes! It’s almost the size of your thumb.

theKube holds up to 32GB for 8,000 songs with just a simple microSD memory card. It supports WMA, MIDI, WAV and PCM, and best of it, it’s so easy to use. Marketing Director of Bluetree Electronics Djong Goh says, “In theKube, I believe we have developed an MP3 player that will fit the bill for users constantly demanding better-looking and better-sounding audio devices on the go.”

Retailed at RM99.99, the 2GB theKube MP3 player is on sale at selected Giant outlets in KL, Penang, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Johor Bahru. Visit for more information.