Listen to Imran Omar’s ‘Sparks’ for an Ambient Electronic Atmosphere

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source: Imran Omar

From shredding the guitar at the age of 12, you’d expect a completely rock n roll album from Imran Omar, but the Malaysian-born, New York-based musician has released an electronic EP titled Sparks on 1 November 2019.

The 3-track EP is short and sweet. Imran has brilliantly captured an array of sounds from the electronic music sphere. It’s not made for parties, but for those who want to see lights dancing around their rooms.

Sparks EP cover. source: Imran Omar

Each track sounds fresh and unique. As a fan of DJs like The Lugubrious, Synkro and their ilk, Sparks is a treat to the ears.

Imran majored in Electronic Production and Sound Design at Berklee College of Music, so it’s no surprise that the EP is quality production. Aside from making beats, he’s still shredding on the guitar in post-rock band, The End is Nigh.

The End Is Nigh. source: Imran Omar

We like what we hear, and are most definitely looking forward to another project he’s working on which is set to be released end of this year.

Currently based in New York, if you want to see cool landscape photos and keep up with what he’s working on, follow Imran on Instagram.

Listen to Sparks now.

Alternatively, you can listen to his other stuff here.

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