LISTEN: thruoutin’s Service (The Shanghai Mix)

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source: thruoutin

Beijing based multi-instrumentalist and producer thruoutin‘s mini-release Service (The Shanghai Mix) had its origins two years ago when an invitation from Huashan Records founder Raphaël Valensi to play at a monthly gig series (Let’s get Naked and Listen to a Bunch of Drones) gave way to a collaboration with Valensi’s tech noise band, Huashan Unit & DJ Drunk Monk. Mostly written while on the train, the resulting two tracks fused both deadpan Mandarin vocal stylings with an assortment of Asian instruments such as the pipa and the gamelan. Inspired by a Beijing comic by visual artist Yue Ming (“loose interpretation” he says), ‘奇怪的地方 (Qiguai De Difang)’ is a quintessential fusion of exotic genres and traditional music instruments, incorporating elements of bossa nova, pipa, and gamelan. Similarly, ‘少 (Shao)’, relies on the Chinese lute along with a repetitive electronic throb. The record also includes remixes by Shanghai based artistes El’se, Laura Ingalls, DJ Doggy, and Clark K.

More bass music should include gamelan samples. Have a listen to a piece of Shanghai below:

thruoutin played at Rumah Api on Thursday 19 February ’15. You can get yourself a digital copy of thruotin’s Service (The Shanghai Mix) here

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