LISTEN: Thomston’s ‘Collarbones’

source: Thomston

Heralded by everyone as the next Lorde, the acclaim extends further from their mutual nationality (New Zealanders) as it also relates to their similar brand of off-kilter pop and knack for raw, personal lyricism. This is none more apparent than his latest release ‘Collarbone’, which made its premier at The Fader last week and has been in the furrows of high praises ever since. From the soon-to-be-released Backbone EP, the smoldering track puts its lyrics in the foreground with Thomston breathy, delicate delivery of a narrative accounting someone battling with anorexia. He alludes to us of his initial denial of his partner’s disease but by the end of the track, he closes with a daunting realisation, “I can see your collarbones and baby I’m scared/ Never thought I’d be so unprepared.”

Brave yourselves:

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