LISTEN: The Spook School’s ‘August 17th’

source: The Spook School

Scottish indie band The Spook School writes songs about personal experiences, but what’s unique about their standpoint is that they write from a queer experience. Most of the songs on their sophomore record Try To Be Hopeful are highly energetic pop punk tracks that do the trick of sending everyone into a headbanging frenzy, but upon more attentive listening, the lyrics convey a sentimentality about love. Very universally relatable, yes, but on the ballad ‘August 17th’, singer Nye Todd debates with himself about entering a polyamorous relationship. He delivers the eloquent first line that goes, “It’s weird we equate fidelity with emotion/ And we see jealousy as proof of devotion” against a backdrop of fuzzy guitars, heavy drums, and a trumpet solo.

Take a listen below:

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