LISTEN: The Fall of Troy’s ‘401K’

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After abandoning their fans for seven years, the idea of having new material from The Fall of Troy seemed like an unlikely event to happen until April Fools’ Day. In the spirit of expecting the unexpected, the boys surprised their fans with ‘401k’ — a song that’s set to be released on the band’s upcoming album entitled OK. After listening to the new single, we’re confident to say the wait has been worth the while. Thomas Erak’s vocals is more comprehensible in comparison to what we heard from their last album Phantom on the Horizon (‘Chapter V: The Walls Bled Lust’ will always have a special place in our hearts), which might have taken a few dozen vocal classes to accomplish. Despite the refined sound, we’re glad to report that his shrill screaming plus the craziness that is affiliated to Fall of Troy’s composition is still very prominent.

Listen to the the track below:

Fall of Troy’s upcoming album OK is set to be released Wednesday 20 April ’16.

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