LISTEN: The Evolution of Hip Hop

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What or whom we love often motivates us to do tasks that people would consider to be tedious — like sacrificing hours of sleep for a Skype call, watching movies you swore you’d never see (i.e. The Notebook), or creating a music playlist — but that’s not the case for social media user MCAforPresident. This devotee of the golden age of hip hop has created 18 playlists that are basically a history lesson on the evolution of the genre.

He starts it off with songs produced in 1985 — a playlist that includes artistes like Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Marley Marl, and Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three. Then, it visits every year after ’85 right up to 2001 — why he didn’t bring the lesson up to present time is unknown; could it because real hip hop, or ‘hip hap’ as it’s traditionally pronounced, died in the new millennium? (That was a joke).

The total time that it’d take to complete listening to this series in its entirety is 38 hours! But it’s well worth it for anyone who wants to have “Hey! [insert rapper’s name here] sampled this song!” moments or to simply deduce which era of hip hop was truly the most glorious on their own sans supercilious comments.

Start the lesson by going back to 1985 below:

Listen to the full series here