LISTEN: Team Supreme’s Vol. 129

source: Shelhiel

One of the international beat cyphers that inspired our very own Midnight-Oil, LA electronic collective TeamSupreme engages DJ-producers all around the world as a near non-profit effort to cultivate the underground electronic/dance scene. Having released up to 129 volumes of these curated beat cypher mixes thus far, its latest edition comes courtesy of samples curated by Thump (Vice‘s electronic and dance channel, in case you didn’t know), and who but none other than Akhyla‘s (and Midnight-Oil regular) Shelhiel makes an appearance on this bill alongside Phyla signee fzpz and other burgeoning international beatmakers. As per tradition, the 12-minute mix compacts the beats of the 13 producers into a coherent condensation that’s set off by Shelhiel’s ample, effervescent, Japaneezy-esque tinkering. The beat tape then moves between hyper kinetic energy and a deeper inclination as enabled by trap and grime sensibilities. Simply put, diverse, as beat cyphers are wont to be.

Listen to it below:

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