LISTEN: Tanlines’ ‘Invisible Ways’

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source: Tanlines

Taking a listen to New York duo Tanlines‘ latest single off their long-awaited sophomore Highlights, no matter how familiar you are with their music, one would be slightly taken aback by this trudging rock song that’s stripped bare of the synth-pop that’s become synonymous with Tanlines. But the band has explained that “Highlights doesn’t sound like 10 different versions of ‘Invisible Ways’.” Case in point, ‘Slipping Away‘. The divergence isn’t intentional either, but rather due to an accident that consequently led to the demise of their computer that held all of the band’s catalog of electronic samples, instruments — everything basically. Probably inspired by the winter chill of Pittsburgh, ‘Invisible Ways’ is heavily guitar reliant and when paired with Eric Emm’s joyless delivery, it becomes a wounded narrative.

Have at it:

Highlights is set for release on 19 May, pre-order it here