LISTEN: Sunita Soh’s ‘Call Me When You Wake Up (Orang Remix)’

source: Orang

The original song by singer-songwriter Sunita Soh is your standard fare acoustic catharsis of sentimentality and heartbreak; it’s all lyrics and almost nothing but a few strumming of the guitar, which is good and all, but we can’t write solely based on the story itself. So insert Orang who took the bare arrangement and fitted Sunita’s pretty voice and narrative into a discord of distortion that contrasted well against her elegant delivery – to make that oft-repeated comparison again, it’s very much in the same vein as Panda Bear. There is a distinction this time around though; after what is expected of Orang (sans male vocals), he then disrupts the flow by including a coda that showcases his production mastery that leans closer to the bedroom producer scene with hints of past collaborator Adam Kasturi’s influence (listen to the chord progression).

Stream and/or download the track below:

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