LISTEN: Sugar Shrill’s ‘Milkways’

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source: Sugar Shrill

From HOAX to Akhyla, the kids are doing more than alright – and the debut track of future bass trio Sugar Shrill only proves that notion further. Consisting of 17-year-olds – Davi Axis, Artificial Ape, and Medec – ‘Milkways’ is a cutesy, twee electronic tune that features all the tropes of what ‘future bass’ would entail; Japanese vocal sample, water drops, pitch shifted up/nasally yelps, saccharine visual representation (watermelons!), hell, even a Porter Robinson-esque ‘Watashi wa‘. Basically, the very definition of “enthusiastic chilling vibe,” which is the group’s own self-description – ours is, think Shelhiel but times three.

Stream ‘Milkways’ below:

Follow Sugar Shrill on SoundCloud here.

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