LISTEN: Spooky Black’s Leaving EP

source: Spooky Black

It’s already post-SADBOYS, every suburban kid has suddenly grown an interest in Tumblr aesthetics, 4chan art, vintage PSX games, VHS videos, ironic hip hop, and Japanese characters without having a real understanding of any. It’s easy for the uninitiated to dismiss Spooky Black as yet another bootlegged Yung Lean, but after the initial amusement of seeing a doo-rag-wearing 16-year-old white boy in snowy Minnesota, the moment he opens his mouth and begins singing on ‘Without You’ is when you’d experience a massive cognitive dissonance. There is nothing ironic about Spooky Black’s voice and music despite his seemingly satirical image.

If you still haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet, now’s the perfect time. Released earlier today, Spooky Black’s Leaving EP is more focused than previous release Black Silk (then called Lil Spook, he was obviously still finding his footing) thanks to its shorter running time. It’s still very much broody r’n’b with production that’s befitting of the cold climate there — and Spooky’s lust and longing are as captivating as ever. He’s brought with him an equally enigmatic singer in featured artiste Wiccaphase Springs Eternal as well (‘Echoes in My Mind’), whose British enunciation got us imagining what a King Krule x Spooky track would turn out like.

Stream the EP below, or download it here.

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