LISTEN: Spirit Club Covers Nine Inch Nails’ ‘That’s What I Get’

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source: Spirit Club

Spirit Club is comprised of Wavves’ Nathan Williams, his brother Joel, and Andrew Caddick. Together, the band has covered Nine Inch Nails’ ‘That’s What I Get’ from their 1989 debut album Pretty Hate Machine.  The men bravely loosen Trent Reznor’s industrially fortified noise pop that compounded on the song’s self-lacerating words with their dream pop and genial delivery of the lyrics. While before the distress was intensely indulged, here, Spirit Club sweetens the pain.

Take a listen below:

Listen to the album version below:

This cover will appear on the B-side of a 7″ that’s due out Friday 15 April ’16 via Ghost Ramp.