LISTEN: Speedy Ortiz’s ‘Death Note’

source: Speedy Ortiz

Taken from Massachusetts band Speedy Ortiz’s upcoming EP Foiled Again is a track called ‘Death Note’, which is inspired by the manga and popular 2006 Japanese film of the same name. If you did watch it while you were in secondary school, Death Note is literally where a boy with God complex starts killing off criminals by simply writing their names on the eponymous Death Note. But in this context, it’s about the cathartic experience of exorcising the deep unhappiness within oneself, as Sadie Dupuis sings, “Be kind to your bad self/ ‘Cos sooner or later you’ll come out good,” over abrasive guitars and pummelling drums.

Listen below:

Speedy Ortiz’s Foiled Again EP will be released on Friday 3 June ’16.