LISTEN: SoulMatters Recordings’ Respect EP

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source: Soulmatters

If you remember, we spoke to the guys over at Singaporean electronic label SoulMatters Recordings last year. The record label has released six EPs and two compilation albums with regional and international artistes since — namely K’ Alexi Shelby, a venerable figure in house music and also the collective’s mentor, as well as unPhiXt of the Windy City. To celebrate their one year in the game, the kind dudes of SoulMatters are providing a three-track EP for free for a limited time. The EP titled Respect features tracks by label founders Gerald Ang, Shawnn Lai, and Notion A, where the tracks traverse the spectrum of house and techno music, giving you the spiritual essence of SoulMatters.

Take a listen below, or better yet, just download the EP:

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