LISTEN: sofklo’s ‘smudge’

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source: sofklo

Abandoning PC Music’s cutesy, ironic pop aesthetic for a decidedly more serious, but still within the PC music realm, aesthetic – that of Oneohtrix Point Never’s delicate digital soundscape – Singaporean producer sofklo’s ‘smudge’ is her experimental foray into ambient electronics. It’s a moody piece that is less cyberpunk and instead recalls ‘90s digi-horror (System Shock, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Pi); the music moves like it’s travelling claustrophobic space, with seemingly diegetic metal friction and bleeps sounding as if they came from an actual location — likely that of a technological derelict. Contrast this with sofklo’s remix of Melanie Martinez’s ‘Sippy Cup‘.

Stream the track below:

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