LISTEN: Slug Christ’s ‘HONJA 혼자 (feat. Keith Ape)’

source: Slug Christ

Never, never, never forget, Keith Ape’s ‘잊지마 (It G Ma)‘ was a relatively obscure South Korean banger (with a memorable guest spot by Japan’s Kohh) that attempted OG Maco’s ATL swagger — complete with their own private vernacular (‘ninja’, ‘killer whale’, ‘cohort’, etc.) — before it became a crossover success. But don’t let recent fuccbois’ obsession with the song rub you the wrong way, Keith Ape is still very much a fringe rapper as proven on ‘HONJA 혼자’ — his recent collaborative effort with Slug Christ, the biggest weirdo from the arbiter of strange Atlanta; Awful Records. The first single from Slug’s forthcoming joint tape with producer Purpdogg, GOD IS UNDER THE PORCH WHERE THE DOG DIE, the track begins with Slug questioning his “yung unduhwaduh orca” cohort on the Korean word for ‘alone’. Honja? Honja. Honja, honja, honja, honja.

Stream the track below:

Slug Christ and Purpdogg’s GOD IS UNDER THE PORCH WHERE THE DOG DIE mixtape has yet to receive a release date. Follow Slug Christ here.