LISTEN: similarobjects’ ‘Gil Plus’

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source: similarobjects

Fresh off collaborating with some of SEA’s best for the SoundLab artiste residency at The Dusun, Filipino producer similarobjects – co-founder of BuwanBuwan Collective and Darker Than Wax signee – has just released the first ‘chapter’ off his Materia Overlord series of tracks; JRPG heads would instantly recognise it as a Final Fantasy tribute from the name alone. ‘Gil Plus’ begins in a style not dissimilar to vintage Nobuo Uematsu (think the 16-bit era) before it segues to a house-y beat throughout — and going full circle to the VGM-informed sound of its beginning with its nostalgic coda. Ah, to be able to ride a Chocobo on the overworld map again.

Stream and/or download the track below:

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