LISTEN: ‘Sederhana’ – Aman RA’s Ode to a Modest Life

source: Aman RA

Just in time for Eid al-Fitr, Aman RA drops new track ‘Sederhana’ – a downtempo paean to the spartan lifestyle of the lower- to lower middleclass-income groups that no doubt make up the ‘Budak Flat’ demographics. But unlike his previous single referenced here, Aman trades the grit documented on that track for a positive, near triumphant celebration of a modest life free of tawdry wealth and pretension. With SXPH of SSK on the beat again (here’s to these two becoming frequent collaborators), ‘Sederhana’ is also decidedly much less influenced by the late Tupac’s heydays – a comparison Aman frequently receives (not entirely unjust) – and instead is closer to Kendrick Lamar in execution, production-style, and content. From the female backup vocals to the beat switch at the bridge, this is pure Section.80. Though let’s stop the comparison right there, we don’t want to do the man a disservice; this is a quality rap cut.

Listen to the track below:

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