LISTEN: Ryn Weaver’s ‘Promises’

Source: Ryn Weaver

Backed by a remarkably international team of producers including (but not limited to!) Grammy-nominated Benny Blanco, ‘Boom Clap’ hotshot Charli XCX, Swedish prodigy Cashmere Cat, and electro rock stalwart Michael Angelakos, Ryn Weaver burst out of obscurity and made sizable rounds with her release of ‘Octahate’ last month despite the lack of any details whatsoever on her page, even competing for spots on the Billboard at one point. Makes sense, really. Catchy pop hooks layered with impeccable production values please fans from both sides of the fence — the usual Top 40 crowd dug it alongside Iggy Azalea and Magic! while the FOFOFADI crew lapped the track up just like anything else from Cashmere Cat and Trippy Turtle. This time around, she’s back with a new track entitled ‘Promises’, which promises to further point us towards the direction that she plans to take. We still prefer ‘Octahate’, but for a 21-year-old who met these top blokes by chance at a party (see kids, it’s good to get out), it certainly isn’t the worst sophomore release. Benny and Passion Pit had more of a hand in this track, and it certainly shows. A little more mainstream, but she’s just too cute to be ignored.

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