LISTEN: Ryan Hemsworth’s ‘Wait (feat. Keaton Henson & Mitski)’

Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan Hemsworth gathered his favourite singers – folk singer Keaton Henson and the acclaimed indie doyenne Mitski – for a free track called ‘Wait’ for Adult Swim. The production is tender and downtempo, which is complemented further by Henson’s and Mitski’s respective placid vocals. Both singers are known for their intensely personal examinations on love, and here, the lyrics are just as biting yet nebulous. Henson sings, “Your speech sounds like dying words to me,” while Mitski follows behind with, “I wait in line to have you once, you wait in line to have me once, and we won’t be happy again.”

Listen to the track below:

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Download the track for free via Adult Swim.