LISTEN: RunRun’s Mirror EP

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source: RunRun

Having been an active title for the past 13 years, JUICE has had innumerable aspiring interns who had worked with us before. Post-internship, some inevitably revealed themselves to be far more talented than just doing menial tasks for the editorial team (not that we made them fetch coffee… really) – Aliff Ashari was one of them. We had known of his affinity for electronic music early on as he was part of DJ duo Lo-Fi Losers, but that particular incarnation of his music career didn’t exactly impress us. Now working under the moniker RunRun, and if his self-released EP Mirror is anything to go by, Aliff’s music is decidedly on the right track. A collection of four tracks that were kept in his KIV folder, now finally percolated through his current musical sensibilities, the record is defined by its UK influences — from the house-y end track ‘Love Again’ to the melodic bass à la James Blake of ‘Within Veils’. Aliff had shown his chops on HOAX Hates U, but it is only here that he left an impression on us — even if we are still unsure of what to make of his vocals.

Stream the EP below:

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