LISTEN: Rosie Lowe’s ‘Woman’

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source: Rosie Lowe

“You’ll never know what’s it like to be a woman,” as the refrain goes in the new single from Rosie Lowe‘s upcoming album Control — ‘Woman’, produced by frequent collaborator Dave Okumu. The lyricism here echoes Madonna’s ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl‘, though as a proud woman, she won’t let you see her break down and cry at the face of constant discrimination and scrutiny she may face as a female. She begins by stating that she’d prefer to keep mum on the subject, but she eventually lists some of the life-long problems she has struggled with. She offers herself up, but she doesn’t expect you to understand.

Listen below:

Rosie Lowe’s album Control will be released on Friday 19 February ’16 via Polydor.

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