LISTEN: Real Cosby’s ‘Gold Braid’

source: Real Cosby

Denver-based electronic artiste Real Cosby surprised us with the first track off his upcoming Gold Braid EP, ‘Always’, with vocal chops courtesy of Marilyn Baker complementing Cosby’s synthy wonderland. His latest release, ‘Gold Braid’, is on a whole other level. Sounding a little like something a Chrome Sparks/Cashmere Cat mash-up might turn out to be (not a bad idea), the track retains enough of his signature pads and patterns to keep things interesting. What really pulls us in, though, is the level of dynamic control that he exercises over his sounds, allowing sufficient space for everything to breathe. It’s nothing like his slower-paced older work (‘Full Hearts’ and ‘Ode For Ghost’), and seems a tad more commercialized – but it’s still pretty dapper, in a  different sense.

Check it.

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