LISTEN: RaySoo’s Long-Awaited Debut LP – Love Again

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source: RaySoo

While the physical release will not be out until Saturday 14 May ‘16, Love International’s founder and local dance legend RaySoo has put forth his long-awaited debut LP Love Again up on Bandcamp for streaming and digital purchase. Citing the creation of the album as “three months of intensive and at times very lonely work in the studio” that saw him dabbling in music-making previously atypical to his normal approach, the record is a cathartic exercise that had him liberating his emotional baggage (hence, the titular Love Again) via an impressive array of influences. ‘Lost Love’ is an ambient piece that glacially bulldozes through a fugue of lovelorn haze, ‘Deepa’ is closer to what fans have expected from Love International — a summery house joint, then ‘Sensemaking’ is a free jazz-indebted tune with improvisational keys that seem to be congruous with the song title, while ‘Disko Infinito’ is as its namesake suggests; a near six-minute-long disco epic, and yes, all the tracks mentioned follow one another consecutively on the tracklisting – a wide spectrum of sounds travelled within just four tracks; imagine the whole album.

Stream and/or purchase the album below:

RaySoo’s Love Again LP launch party will be held at Pisco Bar on Thursday 12 May ’16. More information to come.