LISTEN: Que Izham’s ‘What Sarah Said (Remix)’

source: Que Izham

The body of work of Nintendo enthusiast and video game music producer Que Izham, as you can gather, consists of tracks that are enabled by the nostalgic digitised bleeps and squeaks that score those Japanese 8-bit video games. But just as producer Jena has proved, these sort of sounds can make a successful pop or even dance track, a genre of which Que leans heavily towards. In his latest release, he took on Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘What Sarah Said’ from their 2005 album Plans and converted the original depressive nature of the track into an uplifting d’n’b version. No longer are you overwhelmed by anxiety, instead with this remix, it’s a possible remedy to just that.

Take a listen below:

The original track by Death Cab For Cutie here:

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