LISTEN: Purity Ring’s ‘Begin Again (HEALTH Remix)’

source: HEALTH

These two bands appearing in the same sentence makes for an intrinsic and inevitable connection. Although Purity Ring comes from electronic pop that’s rooted in witch house, and HEALTH is known for their industrial noise rock, both bands, however, have an innate dark sensibility that is imbued in their respective lyrics and musicality. Purity Ring’s sophomore Another Eternity has been released for quite some time now, making their single ‘Begin Again’ very familiar in the minds of fans. Though HEALTH’s remix of the song isn’t glaringly different from the original, there are some details in it that heightens the eeriness to a much dingier and chiller effect. The drums are amplified, the addition of metallic screeches and cavernous, hollow effects compounds to a desired darker result.

Listen to it below:

Listen to the original below:

Purity Ring’s Another Eternity is out via 4AD. HEALTH’s Death Magic is released via Loma Vista.