LISTEN: Pradana & Jena’s ‘#moonlightin” Mix

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source: Jena

Last February, electronic musician Jena weirdly managed to score a DJ gig at The Bee, Publika for their regular Tunes & Pints night. Never having DJed before in his life, Jena sought the help of Pradana to ease the transition of being a live performer to a DJ — suffice it to say, the night didn’t exactly go the way it was intended to. Fortunately though, it still resulted in this little collaborative mix between the two, which is, in Pradana’s words, “[t]he perfect soundtrack for late night cruisin’.” Sporting the likes of Jensen Sportag, Nightmares on Wax, Indo jazz-funk musician Mus Mujiono, and PC Music head honcho A.G Cook, you could tip your armchair music journo hat and characterise the mix as ‘difficult easy listening’.


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