LISTEN: Porter Robinson’s ‘Flicker’

Source: Princetonian News

Thus far, four singles have been released from Porter Robinson’s upcoming debut full-length – and we’re still not too sure what to expect from it, other than the fact that we won’t be getting your everyday EDM bangers à la The Chainsmokers and Aoki, but rather, a more alternative branch of it.  We’ve seen him use ‘Sea of Voices’ as an experimental canvas, followed by ‘Sad Machine’, which harkened back to the ’80s heyday of classic arcade games. Most recently, the dream pop-influenced ‘Lionhearted’ hit our speakers — a sound we’re more used to coming from the likes of M83 and Postiljonen. With ‘Flicker’ on the other hand, we’re getting some pretty groovy disco vibes — which when combined with Porter’s textural artistry makes for a pretty kickass track. We’re not sure if we’re getting some Go Yama feels from this one, or if it’s just the Japanese vocaloid (it’s not real vocals!) that’s playing games with our head. Whatever it is, we can’t  wait to check out the rest of Porter Robinsons’ Worlds, dropping on Tuesday 12 August ’14 via Astralworks.

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