LISTEN: patten Remixes Rihanna, Boards of Canada & More for Re-Edits Vol. 2

source: patten

Production duo patten, comprising of members simply named D and A, has premiered their EP of remixes plainly called Re-Edits Vol. 2. The eight-track EP consists of their reimagining of songs from a variety of artistes. Among their edits, there’s Cocteau Twin’s ephemeral ‘Suckling The Mender’ that receives a fantastic gritty production, then Rihanna’s hazy ‘James Joint’ in which it’s chopped up and combined in a disjointed manner, while Boards of Canada’s ‘Amo Bishop Roden’ is transformed from its ambient state to a d’n’b edit. patten takes another ode to weed by way of Cypress Hill’s downtempo hip hop song ‘I Want To Get High’ by bolstering the percussion, giving it body. Even if the tracklist presents a clear variation of genres and styles, patten’s EP is very much a coherent work that should give you an idea of what their Warp debut would sound like.

Take a listen to the EP below:

Below is the tracklist for reference:


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