LISTEN: Ørumari’s ‘Nobody Else’

source: Ørumari

Inspired to finally put out this one-year-old beat for public consumption due to our recent coverage (amongst a multitude of other reasons, from today being Bahá’í Naw-Rúz to a pang of nostalgia), Ørumari’s latest joint, ‘Nobody Else’, is an inspired flip of Submotion Orchestra’s masterful ‘All Yours’. Vocalist Ruby Woods has her vocals processed à la Ye’s College Dropout-era brand of ‘chipmunk soul’, and though the track sampled here is the acoustic version of the original, Ørumari maintains the solo coda – but here played on his mom’s old electric guitar as opposed to a trumpet, adding personal affection to the song’s wistful vibe.

Listen to it below:

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