LISTEN: Orang’s ‘Mother’s Couch’ & ‘ATM /Cobwebs’

source: Orang

It might not be that lazy of a comparison to deem Orang (né Azfar Abu Bakar) as Malaysia’s Panda Bear. Aside from being a useful descriptor and point of reference, the semi-anonymous musician did cover a song by Noah Benjamin Lennox before — suggesting that the Animal Collective band member (probably the band as a whole too), at the very least, is an overt influence. Latest tracks ‘Mother’s Couch’ and ‘ATM /Cobwebs’ surely didn’t deflate the veracity of that supposition; perhaps less like some of the noisier Panda Bear tracks on Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper and more towards his softer, crackly — and dare we say it, twee — prior releases, the former in particular is as comforting as its namesake.

Listen to them below:

Orang is set to perform at VAGUE Live in Kuala Lumpur (aka Not A Festival XVI), Rumah Api tomorrow.

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