LISTEN: Orang Malaya’s ‘So Thirsty, I Like It’

source: Orang Malaya

After winning The Wknd Sessions Recording Fund and releasing debut EP Radland Inn to a positive reception, Orang Malaya shows no sign of taking any break from churning out more tunes. In fact, following up his production duties on ZSYIA’s ‘Into the Night’, the hip hop outlier recently dropped new track ‘So Thirsty, I Like It’ – the anthem thirsty dudes never knew they wanted. Though opening the track with a few lines of ghetto vérité (i.e. an encounter with a gun-totter), the track soon enough gets to the croaky, raw chorus that will inevitably be everyone’s favourite sing-along moment come Raising the Bar Festival ’16. “Oh my god, you’re so thirsty, I like it,” – yeah, the JUICE team is already on it.

Listen to the track below:

‘So Thirsty, I Like It’ is off Orang Malaya’s forthcoming mixtape. Meanwhile, stream his debut EP Radland Inn via Spotify here.