LISTEN : O$P$’s ‘Outrage Of Modesty’

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source: O$P$

O$P$, or ‘Owe Money, Pay Money’, is the sobriquet of Singaporean DJ duo Wasabi Green and Master Race, who christened themselves after the infamous loan shark taunt. Appropriate, they’ve mastered a signature sound dubbed ‘Geylang Crunk’ after all — a potent combination of trap, crunk, and bass music. Under the Phyla label, O$P$ recently released new single ‘Outrage of Modesty’, consisting of the namesake track as well as b-side ‘The Singularity is Near’ and five accompanying remixes of the title track by the likes of ZT, Hakmem, M X N D//K R F T, Nikes, and Fzpz. Both the album’s originals are behemoths; all clocking over the usual three-minute mark, transcending what is expected of the ironically named genre the duo chose to represent and evocative of the eerie, seemingly precarious but undoubtedly beguiling late, late night scene in the seedy, undiscovered areas of the Lion City.

Singapore, a sanitised version of Southeast Asia? Think again.

O$P$’s Outrage of Modesty is available for purchase here.

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