PREMIERE: OJ Law’s ‘Introverts (f r s Remix)’

source: HOAX

The last reworking of ‘Introverts’ via JUICE, one-half of Dái-Kan (and the producer of Bastard Malaya’s many tracks off their Not Really Us mixtape), f r s wisely chose to stand clear of the dancefloor. It’s neither the club floors of Pradana’s and Reddi Rocket’s respective remixes nor KAIN’s dubby basement, instead – true to his classical background – he took the music theory approach by incorporating what sounds like aerophonic syncopation (a very erratic one at that). The resulting track is a remix that is evidently one of the more experimental among the four – with the brass instrument giving the illusion of improvisational music and OJ’s vocals taking a backseat as the music takes precedence. As a result, the reimagining is a confluence of faraway vocals and mercurial brassy beats that dips in and out of its own intricacies.

Listen to it below:

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