LISTEN: Nish Gilgamesh Covers Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’ with Your Future bb alextbh

source: Nish Gilgamesh

It’s not much of a surprise to us anymore – some of the more exciting sounds coming from Kuala Lumpur are from randos on SoundCloud. Here, Nish Gilgamesh and alextbh – whose alive EP impressed us so much that we immediately booked him for #JUICE14 – cover Rihanna’s seminal single ‘Kiss It Better’ off her acclaimed album ANTI seemingly for “shits and gags,” though the outcome suggests real effort being put into it. More stripped out than the original, opting for that Majestic Casual, downtempo vibe as opposed to synth rock (no electronic guitar riffs on this one), Nish’s vocals dominate with the ease of a seasoned singer – how have we not heard of her before? – while alextbh provides comfort via mellow backing vocals (namely the “Kiss it, kiss it better” refrain and adlibs).

Listen to it below:

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