LISTEN: Naxx’s Hidden Spark EP

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source: Naxx

With three EPs under his belt – 2011 debut Public Service Announcement EP (Capital Boom Records), Dominator EP (Pixelated Waves), Gatekeeper EP (Maddkidz Records) – one-half of Abducted Mind and Krayziesoundz member Naxx has been busy working on a new EP since 2014. Now decanting into Hidden Spark two years later, the resulting record is expectedly heavier than the rest of Krayziesoundz’s body of work (which is often more indebted to millennial genres, i.e. trap) with its use of traditional influences – Javanese, Egyptian, and Arabic – submerged in deep basslines. While closing track ‘Modus Operandi’ is decidedly off-theme, sounding more like Vangelis-inspired dubstep (think Kuedo’s Severant, but more aggresive), it’s ironically our personal favourite from the EP. But the rest of the tracks are just as potent; Naxx has never sounded better in production quality and while maintaining a steady 138 to 142bpm, he isn’t limited to dubstep anymore as Hidden Spark explores other UK genres of roughly the same tempo, namely grime and future garage. This one is definitely for the underground.

Stream the EP below:

Download the EP for free here. More from Naxx here.