LISTEN: Mystery Tapes’ ‘On A Mission’

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source: Mystery Tapes

On Mystery TapesSoundCloud page, there are only a year-old track ‘The Keeper‘ and their latest single off their debut EP entitled Unheard Songs. But if you keep up with their goings-on, the band has kept busy by performing around town. Right off the bat, ‘On A Mission’ makes an impression with a thunderous opening which gradually smolders and resonates in the background while crystalline guitars, both acoustic and electric, join in with Zack Yusof’s singing about being a guy down on his luck. There’s an upheaval towards the end, thinking the song has finished, Zack’s voice comes rearing again but in spoken form, “I think I fucked up that last bit, didn’t I?”, echoing the message of the song.

Take a listen below:

Mystery Tapes’ Unheard Songs EP is available in extremely limited edition cassettes via Teenage Head Records. The EP can also be found on Spotify, Deezer and KKBox.