LISTEN: mutesite’s re:start EP

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source: mutesite

It was unanimous among those who went to see mutesite perform at Dong Tai Du Music Festival last Sunday that the band was stellar. The instrumental band has even released a debut EP on the same weekend too. The five-track EP entitled re:start is rife with crystalline emotional compositions as a result of the perfect marriage between the keyboard – an element not too often seen in math rock, though the band also identifies themselves as post-rock – and guitar, bass, and drums. The band is very prone to drama too, but the theatrics are not too gratuitous – take for instance ‘e.d.g.e’ that builds to an immense cinematic score of an ending. The keys on tracks such as ‘pre-tend’ and ‘picking paces’ are reminiscent of Japanese experimental rock band Mouse on the Keys and ‘afterain’ adopts the ambient approach by sampling the sound of a downpour. There are also surprising additions of synths and the band’s collective cry – a genre staple – that imbue even more finesse to their promising debut EP. There’s more to the math rock scene than Dirgahayu after all.

Take a listen below:

mutesite’s re:start EP is available digitally on Bandcamp. You can also purchase a physical copy for RM25 by emailing [email protected] or at Big A Productions and Jammer Music, Kuantan. 

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