LISTEN: midst’s ‘Captivate’

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source: midst

Singaporean trio midst — Rachel, Jeremy, and Kin — will be releasing their EP soon and in promotion of it, they’ve released their first single entitled ‘Captivate’. It’s a slow burn of an ambient track that saunters during its seven-minute long duration. It begins with a faint crackle and slight resonance which soon transpires into its lyrical content. The guitar fades in with the vocals and it sets the scene where the subjects meets the person that causes her to feel the titular sensation. The track simmers and rises alternatively along with the narrative; it’s languid and serene till it builds momentum and it’ll whir along with the instrumentation. Fans of The xx will have something to love here, considering the strong semblance Rachel’s vocals have with Romy’s and the track’s similarly hushed guitar work and electronic soundscape.

Take a listen to the track below:

The single can be purchased here