LISTEN: Midnight Oil Vol. 9

midnight oil vol 9

Cover art Nero One

If it seems like it’s been a while since we last wrote about a new volume of Midnight Oil, that’s because, yes, we did miss the previous volume. Fortunately, vol. 9 of the Akhyla initiative — curated by Shelhiel — is too big of an iteration for us to ignore, mainly due to two reasons; 1) Akhyla’s recent recruit babylotus‘ debut since joining the collective, and 2) The choice of sample — Japaneezy jazz band The Seatbelts’ ‘Tank!’ off Cowboy Bebop‘s OST. As per tradition, familiar acts from Akhyla dominate the tracklist, but we also see a few unexpected names in gearheads Menikmati and chef-beatmaker Maycrash. Any traces of the sample’s jazz origins are seemingly gone, permutated into the varying degrees of the bass music spectrum. Keep on burning the midnight oil, producers.

Listen to the beat cypher below:

1. babylotus (0.00)
2. 4R3YL (01.07)
3. Maycrash (02.02)
4. Yahna (02.50)
5. ANRK (03.50)
6. GodMode (04.42)
7. VMPRMYTH (05.47)
8. Santaroena (06.48)
9. Reddi Rocket (07.36)
10. Nemo (08.46)
11. f r s (09.33)
12. KAIN (10.29)
13. Menikmati (11.27)
14. Imran (12.27)

Listen to the previous volumes of Midnight Oil here.