LISTEN: Midnight-Oil Vol. 6

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source: Midnight-Oil

Cover Fong Shelhiel + Wooi Lee Khor

This time around reappropriating a song chosen by Akhyla’s resident artist (and beatmaker) BAD REP, Midnight-Oil Vol. 6 plays around with Elisa Garcia and NuMundo’s flamenco number ‘Mar’. The mix opens with newcomer Imran Omar‘s sinosci-fi take on the song and continues with Midnight-Oil regular Reddi Rocket‘s sample patchwork before perfectly segueing to Awan’s graceful stuttering loop of the track’s original vocals — a remaining constant throughout the mix. As per usual, genres differ greatly; Indonesia’s Decemberkid goes for a Timbaland tribute (incorporating Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’), South Africa’s Yoshi opts for haunting world music by way of bass music much like his EP Origins, and Yung Mulia (otherwise known as up and coming videographer Kid) channels his local hero Moslem Priest, naturally churning out the sort of genre confluence labels like Night Slugs are known for.

While the amount of fresh producers coming into the Midnight-Oil fold is encouraging (the scene isn’t limited to the same faces, thankfully), we’d love to see more established names participating. Here’s JUICE‘s wish list: CEE and Darren Ashley of Bass Sekolah, DANGERDISKO, flica, and old school head RaySoo. Who would you like to see?

Imran Omar (MY): 0:00
Reddi Rocket (MY): 1:02
Awan (MY): 2:03
DaRealShit (MY): 2:57
Kain (GER): 4:08
Shelhiel (MY): 4:52
Fariz Malek (MY): 5:56
Yoshi (S.AFRICA): 8:02
DecemberKid (INDO): 9:02
God Mode (MY): 10:42
YAHNA (ITL): 12:06
Anorak (CAN): 12:39
wanhazan (US): 13:46
XzetSicknal (MY): 14:57
Yung Mulia (MY): 15:53

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