LISTEN: Midnight-Oil Vol. 4

Source: Wooi Lee Khor

Malaysia’s very own beat cypher furnished by Akhyla has completed yet another cycle. With Kain curating six Foley clips (everyday sound effects) for producers to get down and dirty with (including snippets of cutlery being cleared and cobblestone being fixed), this was something new for almost everyone involved, as it was very much unlike the previous editions of Midnight-Oil.  But again, the old faces and newbies alike turned on the style to come up with varied tunes spanning and bending multiple genres – and it’s all stuffed into this seventeen-minute long epic of a track. The guys on top once again showed why they’re there, and the freshies turned up to say why they’ll be getting there sooner rather than later.

(0.00) addinsan
(1.10) iamskyhi
(1.53) decemberkid
(2.36) dzdzdz
(3.53) dj-philo-zim
(5.03) jestonymusic
(5.53) fazrysantaroena
(6.49) iamjony
(8.17) nazmusic
(9.11) Stephan-Kain
(10.00) officialharan
(11.03) godmode-4 x depressplay
(12.25) vmprmyth
(13.36) nok-turnal
(14.36) reddirocket
(15.40) Bad-rep
(16.40) shelhiel

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